4. What does WW 2011 hope to achieve?


WW 2011 will foster research and action networks on women's issues, enhance women's leadership skills and organizational capacity, and support the exchange of knowledge and ideas.


This is a chance for people from all sectors and every part of the world to renew and reset the international agenda for women’s rights for the next decade.


With a genuine focus on the experiences, voices, and needs of those most affected and marginalized, WW 2011 will provide the space and place to:


  • examine questions related to women and globalization

  • share research and knowledge

  • hatch new ideas and networks

  • explore policy solutions to empower and protect women and girls everywhere


By bringing together people working in academia and beyond, WW 2011 is uniquely poised to inspire renewed (as well as permanent) knowledge networks and to build action-research capacity across women’s movement(s). And because of the embracing of new communications technologies, tools, and principles, this event is an opportunity to modernize those networks and capacities.


WW 2011 will also be an opportunity to celebrate and build upon inter-generational exchanges and new leaderships.