Call for Participation

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Whereas an academic conference would typically announce a call for proposals or abstracts, Women’s Worlds 2011 is deliberately opting to issue a ‘Call for Participation’.

Why? Because this will be a unique convergence of academia and activism – a place where a diversity of minds and experiences can delve into some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Outreach is already underway to draw a rich cross-section of people into the conversation – from academics to activists, from researchers to policy-makers. And the conversation includes you.

We think 'participation' implies many critical things: the presentation of academic research/findings or policy proposals, the sharing of grassroots or front-line perspectives – even artistic representations of the theme. We know that around the world, there are millions of women challenging and claiming globalization in millions of ways, and we are striving to make WW 2011 an engaging showcase for it all.

Check back here in December 2009 for the official CALL.