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Welcome to the home of WW 2011 promotional materials, a place for you to come and grab what you need to spread the word about this important event. As more tools get added, we’ll notify you through the e-bulletin. We're counting on you to activate your networks with these motivating materials.


Web button

It’s not too early to let everyone know you are excited about Women’s Worlds 2011. Feature this badge on your department’s or organization’s web page, your personal blog, and your social media profiles. Let’s start a buzz.

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Answer the Call.  womensworlds.ca


Answer the Call.  womensworlds.ca


Answer the Call.  womensworlds.ca



Let's connect at WW2011


Let's connect at WW2011


Let's connect at WW2011


Promotional leaflet

You can help spread the word about WW 2011 by downloading and distributing this 10 panel/4 fold brochure. It’s colourful, informative, and motivating. Print off copies for your colleagues, students, networks, and for any meeting or conference you plan to be attending between now and 2011.

Download a black & white version

Request a print-ready version to reproduce at a local print shop


Check out the promotional poster. Our eye-catching design represents the ‘connections’ that Women’s Worlds 2011 will foster now and in the future. If you would like to help promote the event by hanging and distributing this poster around your area, click here to request a batch.

View the poster (948k)

NEW: download the accessible promo poster

WW on Facebook

Become a member of the Women's Worlds 2011 facebook group and promote it. Post it to your profile and encourage your facebook friends to connect and converse there with people from around the world.

Video clips

You can help drive traffic to the videos featured on our home page and our youtube channel.

Copy and paste the code for your favourite of our videos to your site.