Friends & Individual Donors

Women's Worlds 2011 would like to thank our friends for volunteer efforts and in-kind support, and our individual donors for their generous financial support.

These individuals and organizations have provided assistance to WW 2011 in a number of vital ways including time, space, ideas, and contacts.

DAWN Canada (DisAbled Women's Network)

SAW Gallery

UN Women

Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Inc. (ILDI)

Government of Yukon

Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ)

ASAP Reporting Services

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ottawa

Embassy of Brunei



Caroline Andrew
Joan Andrew
Doris Elisabeth Buss
Behnam Behnia
Louise Bergeron
Ann Denis
Joyce Green
Margaret Haines
Annetle Isaac
Edward Jackson
E. T. Jackson & Associates LTD
Fran Klodawsky
Sylvain Lapointe
Rianne Mahon
Diana Majury
Dominique Masson
Rebecca Murray
Roseann Runte
Eileen Saunders
Karen Schwartz
Adnan Turegun
Marcel-Cristian Voia
Jill Vickers
Athanasia Vouloukos
Jill Wiggle
Janet Wood