Brief History of WW

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The first Women’s Worlds congress was held at Haifa University in December of 1981. It was the first world-wide interdisciplinary gathering to focus on research pertaining to women’s issues and to be open to all interested researchers and activists. Since then, WW has taken place every three years in a different part of the world.

1981 Israel Haifa University The New Scholarship
1984 Netherlands Gronigen University Strategies and Empowerment
1987 Ireland Trinity College Visions and Revisions
1990 USA Hunter College Realities and Choice
1993 Costa Rica Univ. of San Jose Search, Participation, Change
1996 Australia Univ. of Adelaide Think Global – Act Local
1999 Norway Univ. of Tromso Genderations
2002 Uganda Makerere Univ. Gendered Worlds: Gains and Challenges
2005 Korea Ewha Univ. Embracing the Earth: East-West North-South
2008 Spain Computense Univ. Equality is not a Utopia

Ottawa-Gatineau is the location of the 11th Women’s Worlds (WW) in 2011 – the 30th anniversary of the congress. A proposal compiled by volunteers in Canada to host the 2011 event was accepted in Madrid in July 2008. A fundraising strategy, along with some grant money obtained from the Partnership Fund of Status of Women Canada – a government agency – will move this project forward.