Women’s Human Security: The Way Forward

The following is a guest post by Deanna Bralten.


I grew up well educated about feminism, trips to the capital included paying respect to the Famous Five. Yet, somehow until a few hours ago I had not thought to consider the feminist version of human security.

Sitting in my first session-Women’s Human Security: The Way Forward, twitter feed ready to capture #WW2011 in 140 characters. I had my first “aha moment,” on women and human security during Bernedette Muthien’s speech, which encouraged participants and the global community to shift their mindset on human security. Muthien  by answering questions of “Who is secure, who is not secure and whose interests are served.”

In a little under an hour  Lisa Price, Asha Hans, Bernedette Muthien and Dr. Valerie Zawilski, fleshed out the concept of human security and we learned so much that one participant commented; “I feel like I learned more than an entire year long seminar course.”

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