Sistering initiative

Whether you come by yourself or with a colleague or two, international conferences/gatherings can sometimes be overwhelming and intimidating. That’s the reason behind our “sistering initiative”. Getting paired up with another delegate in advance of the congress will give you the chance to get to know at least one other participate, discuss issues with her, and prepare together for your trip to Ottawa-Gatineau. And once you get here, you will already have a “buddy” with whom to explore the program and meet new people.

Ideally, we will try to pair people who are new to this congress with someone who has attended a previous Women’s Worlds event. We will also consider inter-generational, inter-regional, and inter-constituency pairings. The sky’s the limit, depending how many of you decide to partake.

To indicate your interest in this “sistering initiative”, answer “yes” to the appropriate question in section three (user profile) of the registration form. Someone will follow up with you by April 2011.