Solidarity Fund

NOTE -- the Solidarity Fund application process is now closed.

As a way of striving to achieve our stated priorities of accessibility and diversity, WW 2011 is building a Solidarity Fund to support women from under-resourced and under-represented communities in Canada and around the world who otherwise would be unable to attend the congress.

If you are: a) working to advance women's rights, women's empowerment and gender equality; b) talented, creative, and energetic; and c) unable to attend WW 2011 because of financial constraints ... then you are invited to apply to this Solidarity Fund.

Applications to the Solidarity Fund are invited from:

CATEGORY A: People whose proposals to the Call for Participation were accepted -- the first round of financial awards will be granted to those requesting support to come make a selected presentation. Decisions on these applications will be made by 31 March 2011.

CATEGORY B: All participants -- after 31 March 2011, sponsorship will be made open to all delegates and awarded as available. The number of general sponsorships we can provide will depend on the availability of funds.

Criteria and eligibility

Financial support will be awarded to women who:

- will bring a diversity of experience to the event

- want to share their WW 2011 experience with their workplace / community

- would otherwise not be able to afford to attend WW 2011

- can commit to attending the full event

Priority will be given to Aboriginal/Indigenous women, women with disAbilities, Elders/seniors, and youth, thanks to these areas of focus that WW 2011 has identified:

- honouring Aboriginal women's knowledge and culture

- rendering the event accessible to women with disabilities

- facilitating intergenerational dialogue

How to apply

Click here to complete the online form

Deadline: 15 February 2011


Direct your questions about the Solidarity Fund to

Additional information can be found on our FAQs here.


Recipients from category A will be notified of the status of their application no later than 31 March 2011. They will have two weeks after receiving the notice to confirm to congress organizers whether they will be accepting the sponsorship. Sponsoring awards are NOT transferable to other people or organizations. After 31 March 2011, the number of general requests (category B) will depend on available funds.

The sponsorship can cover: registration fee, economy roundtrip travel, visa fees, accommodations, stipend for incidentals and meals.  Partial sponsorships will be available to pay for some of the items listed above will be available.

Applicants should register for WW 2011 in addition to requesting support from the Solidarity Fund.

PLEASE NOTE: Only a limited amount of financial support is available - we strongly encourage people to raise funds in your own communities and cities. A fundraising kit is available on this page.

If you do not receive find funding, we still encourage you to take part in the online and social media components of WW 2011.