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    WW 2011 general overview may2010 - Presentation Transcript

    1. Women’s Worlds 20113-7 July, 2011Ottawa-Gatineau
    2. background
      held every three years, beginning in 1981
      2011 will be the 30th anniversary of Women’s Worlds and the 11th such event
      first international interdisciplinary congress to focus on research on women and open to both researchers and activists
      no single organization sponsors or runs the event
      English has always been the official language
      2008 first bilingual WW (English, Spanish)
      2011 first trilingual WW (English, French, Spanish)
      General Overview – Women’s Worlds 2011
    3. WW through the years
      when where participants
      1981 Israël 623
      1984 Netherlands 800
      1987 Ireland 3,400
      1990 USA 3,000
      1993 Costa Rica 1,000
      1996 Australia 1,000
      1999 Norway 1,700
      2002 Uganda 1,957
      2005 Korea 2,271
      2008 Spain 3,000
      General Overview – Women’s Worlds 2011
    4. how the 2011 event began
      group of volunteers began developing a proposal to host a WW in Ottawa-Gatineau
      proposal accepted at WW Madrid in 2008
      funding obtained from the Partnership Fund of Status of Women Canada instrumental in advancing this event
      General Overview – Women’s Worlds 2011
    5. how the numbers break down
      WW 2008 in Madrid:
      over 2,000 proposed presentations
      over 3,000 total participants
      nearly 150 women supported in some way by the Solidarity Fund
      Estimations for WW 2011:
      2,000 total participants
      – 25% from Canada
      – 33% from beyond academia
      General Overview – Women’s Worlds 2011
    6. main WW 2011 theme:
      Inclusions, exclusions, and seclusions:
      Living in a globalized world
      daily themes:
      Breaking Cycles, Breaking Ceilings,
      Breaking Barriers, Breaking Ground
      communications theme:
      Connect. Converse.
      General Overview – Women’s Worlds 2011
    7. statement of objective
      WW 2011 is an opportunity for feminists and allies from around the globe to
      discuss globalization as it relates to women, strengthen connections, and
      collaborate on approaches to advancing women's rights, women's empowerment, and gender equality.
    8. organizing structure
      lead partners: University of Ottawa and Carleton University
      five organizing committees: fundraising, program, networking, communications, arts and culture
      Pan-Canadian Advisory Board (PCAB)
      Aboriginal Women’s Leadership Circle
      General Overview – Women’s Worlds 2011
    9. principles and objectives
      principles and objectives adopted summer 2009 govern the organizing of WW 2011 and the event itself (see website under “about”)
      participation of Indigenous women, women with disabilities, young women, plus intergenerational exchange – all key priorities for the Congress
      General Overview – Women’s Worlds 2011
    10. accessibility
      principles of accessibility are pursued with diligence in planning, communications, delivery
      DAWN-Canada (DisAbled Women’s Network) active on steering committee as well as in consulting role to assist Congress in being as accessible as possible
      Congress facilities to undergo an accessibility audit well in advance of the event
      an environmental audit will also occur
      General Overview – Women’s Worlds 2011
    11. Aboriginal Women’s Leadership Circle
      Objective: to advise on the recognizing and honouring of Aboriginal perspectives, experiences, knowledge, culture, and territory within WW 2011.
      Claudette Dumont-Smith – KitiganZibiAnishinabeg First Nation, former Commissioner with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (founding member)
      Mary Sillett – Inuit leader from Labrador
      Tina Keeper – Norway House Cree Nation, former MP and actor
      Jessica Yee – two-spirited youth leader from the Mohawk nation
      Alanis Obomsawin – filmmaker of Abenaki descent
      Erin Konsmo – Métis youth leader from Red Deer, Alberta
      General Overview – Women’s Worlds 2011
    12. how WW 2011 will look
      opening ceremony on first evening at the Canadian Museum of Civilization
      four full days of programming
      mostly located on or near University of Ottawa campus
      each morning starts with plenary session inspired by daily theme (English/French/Spanish/ASL)
      during afternoons, second-tier plenary sessions plus hundreds of presentations
      artistic and cultural events throughout
      multimedia and social media dimensions
      General Overview – Women’s Worlds 2011
    13. how the event will look (cont’d)
      presentations will take the form of panels, debates, talk-shows, art, multimedia, open spaces, and more
      organized and informal opportunities to explore local feminist communities
      cyber-café and meet-up lounges will encourage participants to ‘connect’ and ‘converse’
      on-site ‘food fair’ for food and refreshments
      General Overview – Women’s Worlds 2011
    14. delegate registration fees
      General participation:
      $385 before March 1, 2011
      $475 after March 1, 2011
      Students/under 26/low income:
      $100 before March 1, 2011
      $150 after March 1, 2011
      General Overview – Women’s Worlds 2011
    15. solidarity fund
      Given WW 2011’s commitment to
      accessibility and diversity, a Solidarity Fund
      will support the participation
      of people from under-resourced and
      under-represented communities.
      Application launch: September 2010
      (visit the “solidarity fund” page on our website)
      General Overview – Women’s Worlds 2011
    16. Connect. Converse.
      spread the word.
      sign up for regular updates about Congress planning and key announcements:
      find WW 2011 on facebook to initiate or jump into discussion threads
      subscribe to the WW 2011 YouTube channel:
      General Overview – Women’s Worlds 2011
    17. Let’s connect at WW 2011.
      see you there.
      womensworlds.ca mondesdesfemmes.ca mundosdemujeres.ca
      General Overview – Women’s Worlds 2011

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